Summer Sun Brings Family Fun!

As many celebrated the first days of summer outside, it’s important to remember do so safely. Here are some simple reminders to protect your family from sunburns that can have immediate as well as long-lasting effects.
  •  Not all summer days involve hours in the sun. Remember that even if you are running errands, you should dress yourself and your kids in clothing that is cool, comfortable, and covers the body.
  • Don’t forget the hats! A hat with a 3-inch brim to shield the ears, face and back of the neck is best!
  • Sunglasses are surprisingly helpful to protect you from the sun. Look for sunglasses that that have at least 99% UV protection. These are sold in many stores for adults as well as kids!
  • Timing is a big factor in sun protection. Between 10 AM – 4 PM is when the UV rays are strongest. If you are enjoying the sun during this time, remember to apply sunscreen.
Not all Sunscreen is created equally. Do your homework for the best protection! Look for sunscreens that boast ‘broad-spectrum’ because this means that they will cover UVB and UVA rays. SPF means sun protection factor and you will find this from 15 to 50. Research has shown that SPF 15 to 30 is fine. There are ongoing studies to determine if SPF 50 is truly providing more protection that SPF30 – stay tuned! Don’t be shy – Apply the sunscreen generously. Your face, ears, nose, hands and feet need to have sunscreen rubbed in to optimum protection. You need to reapply sunscreen every two hours after swimming or sweating. Cloudy day? Guess what – 80% of UV rays can get through the clouds so make sure your protected. There is nothing quite as joyful as a flip-flop sunny summer day. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and fun – just be safe!

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