Sunny Summer: Wear Sunscreen

Allen School of Health Sciences wants our students to be reminded of the importance of wearing sunscreen during these warm and sunny months. We have been told our whole lives to wear sunscreen  n the market, so such as: hat, sunglasses, tance of applying for you and your family and use it.; however, a lot of people fail to realize the importance of applying it daily. Here are a few reasons why you should take the extra step in adding sunscreen to your daily routine:
  1. Reduces the risk of developing skin cancer
  2. Slows down pre-mature aging
  3. Helps to prevent uneven skin tone
  4. Helps to protect against sunburn
Fortunately, the skincare industry is continuously evolving and has created ways to incorporate sunscreen in makeup, moisturizers and lotions. Sunscreen is no longer that one type fits all, sticky, smelly lotion. There are many different kinds on the market: spray, water or sweat resistant, stick and also mineral. Find what works best for you and your family. Also, remember to wear other sun protective gear such as: hat, sunglasses and sun protective clothing. Allen School of Health Sciences encourages everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle to help prevent future health issues.

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