The Tale of the Robot CNA

Have you ever heard the story of the robotic certified nursing assistant?  No? Neither have I!  And that’s kind of the point of this post.  You see, the unmistakable trend in labor today is the automation of so many different job functions.  Technology has been a boon to business.  From manufacturing to farming to even professional fields like banking (think ATM), automation technologies have replaced millions of flesh and blood humans.  And assembly line robots, ATM machines and other automated workers never call in sick, don’t demand overtime pay, won’t form unions or go out on strike.  So, its safe to say that companies of all sizes will continue to drive the trend towards increased use of robots and other automation tools.  One field that is relatively impervious to this trend however, is the medical field.  Certified nursing assistants will, by definition, need to remain human.  No one wants to be treated for their medical issues by a cold and unfeeling automaton.  So its safe to say that CNA training is still a good bet for anyone who wants to enter a career field where there is high projected demand for workers and low risk for jobs to be outsourced to other countries or robots. Check out this video on the trend towards robotic replacements for human workers.

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