Betsy Rivas Medical Assistant Student

Betsy Rivas

Medical Assistant

Graduate - February 2017

Resides in Phoenix, AZ

I was born and raised in Yuma, AZ. I had been a CNA for 3 years, but I still found myself wanting more. I wanted to be a successful role model for my daughter. The best thing to me was to become a Medical Assistant. However, there were no open doors for me in Yuma. I did not want to be on the waiting list for a school. I then researched many schools in Phoenix but only one in particular caught my attention, The Allen School. So, I decided to move to Phoenix specifically to pursue my goal and attend The Allen School and become a Medical Assistant. However, the decision to move was really tough for me. But, as soon as I walked into The Allen School, I felt at home. From Alicia, the first person you see energetically greeting you in the morning, to the rest of the staff and students, it’s a great place to be. Every person here is really helpful. Currently I am in my 2nd module and I attained a spot on the Honor Roll. I just feel extremely happy to have chosen this school. The teachers here are amazing and they take the time to explain every detail with you so you can understand and pass your exam. This will be my first Graduation ceremony. I will have accomplished a goal in my life thanks to this amazing school. My daughter will be the person I look for in the audience while I receive my M.A Certificate.