Brittany Klaus Medical Assistant Student

Brittany Klaus

Medical Assistant

Graduate - February 2017

Resides in Phoenix, AZ

“Hi” Fellow students and those soon to be. Realize life is only what you make it. By choosing Allen School of Health and Science you and I have chosen to begin our medical careers or continuing our education to further our career opportunities. For me, this was a large step back and at the same time a leap forward for my future. I have already completed schooling for Billing and coding at another school and was unable to find solid work after completing school. So I have spent the last 7 years providing private care for a verity of people with disabilities. Because of my passion to succeed and help others in ways to improve quality of life, I chose to grow my career. Coming to Allen is the best choice I have made solely on my own with out getting advice from others. I was tired of not being able to provide a solid consistent life for my 3 kids and was tired of the struggle. I knew this was going to be hard work but nothing in life comes easy. I have had many personal issues come about, which challenged me during my time at Allen School. What truly helped me through was staying positive and always willing to help others. The greatest part about  Allen was the consistent acknowledgement and help from everyone such as students, faculty, and administrative team. We are a team/ family at Allen and that is truly important to have when succeeding in school. My greatest accomplishment was receiving student of the module, because that shows how well the faculty truly pay attention and care to recognize the students who give it their all. Even though they can only pick one your still given the credit you earn. I want to say, “Thank you to every one at Allen School.”  One last word that was taught to me by a very special person, “If you believe, you will achieve.”