Carmen Nazario Medical Assistant Student

Carmen Nazario

Medical Assistant

Graduate - November 2015

Resides in New York

My experience as a student at the Allen School was great. I enjoyed my time in the Allen School and how my teachers took time to make sure I understood each class and school work. The Allen School staff helped me every step I took and explained everything from the date I started to the day I finished. Career Services helped me with my resume and made sure it was updated. They show you how to do a good job in an interview and how to dress profes­sional too. They made sure everything was going good in my internship site. I am excited to start my new job. I know it will be a great experience and will help me gain the experience that I need to grow as a medical assistant. Thanks Allen School! I appreciate the opportunity you gave me for a brighter future. Carmen Nazario Medical Assistant-Tooraj Zahedi, MD Endocrinologist Office