Diana De Jesus Luna Medical Assistant Student

Diana De Jesus Luna

Medical Assistant

Resides in Phoenix, AZ

Hi my name is Diana De Jesus Luna, I am 22 years old. I am proud to say I am the first one in my family to attend college. It makes me even more proud as well as my patents and my husband. They have motivated me 100 % and continue to do everyday. It makes me feel really good knowing that I don’t just have a job but a career where I can help many people .That makes me super proud. I am also grateful with Allen School of Health Sciences for giving me the opportunity to further my education. I want to thank all my professors for encouraging me to further my knowledge, especially Dr. Hunt. Everyone makes me feel welcomed right when I enter the door. Alicia being the first person, I see always see her with a welcoming smile all the time. Never give up on what you want. “Don’t cry because its over SMILE because it happened”