MIBC Student Ellen Putnam

Ellen Putnam

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - July 2016

Resides in San Diego, CA

Since I was away from the medical field for over 15 years, I really needed to brush up on my terminology and learn the latest technology that has taken over the medical field while I was gone. I feel much better now to find a job than I did before taking the course. I have never been on online classes before but I readily adapted to it and felt that I was in the classroom with my classmates and teacher.  A lot of the students who were in almost all my classes have reached out and we are friends on Facebook so we can keep in touch. Even some of the teachers asked for me to keep in touch with them. It did take commitment and responsibility to attend the classes every day Monday thru Friday for 5 hours an evening but I was able to stay focused and on task. I found it much easier to manage while working part time than full time but either way if you want something bad enough you will do it. Keep your eye on the prize and dedicate the time to get through your classes as the end result is worth it. I already have prospective offers for jobs after they have seen my resume with Allen School listed. I am in the process of trying for a Collection job through a Medical Placement Agency with another opportunity to do billing. They are looking forward to setting up an interview with me so I can only hope this becomes a full time position. I would be working for a 3rd party entity that works with different Hospitals and Doctors offices in the area. Since it is not a done deal yet, I will keep you posted if I should be hired and if not, I’ll let you know when I do become hired. Right now I am working for another Temp Agency and I have an assignment that ends next week July 29th. I will be ready to find a full time job after that. I look forward to receiving my certificate in 6 weeks and Thank you and your staff for all you have done to get me to this end result.