Student Testimonial Gaynor Bartley Medical Assistant

Gaynor Bartley

Medical Assistant

Graduate - June 2016

Resides in New York

The Allen School of Health Sciences helped me to pioneer a career into a field that I had no idea what to expect – The Medical Assistant Program.  Being a full time student in the program and working was not an easy task as I had to study for various weekly tests and had to complete weekly assignments in order for me to move on to the next stage of the program – INTERNSHIP. I did persevere amidst the obstacles and used this quote as a means of encouragement to get me to the end “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but they while their companions slept were toiling upwards through the night”.  It did pay off when I proudly graduated from the Allen School of Health Sciences in June 2016 and was employed at MVP Multimedical and Pediatrics as a Medical Assistant. The experience with the staff at the Allen School was great as the instructors were informative and knowledgeable; they would go above and beyond to ensure that what was taught was being understood.  The knowledge I gained, enabled me to face the outside world and to perform my duties as a medical assistant with great pride. I would also like to thank the Career Services Department who worked tirelessly to ensure that my internship site matched up to my expectations.  They also aided me in my job search which led me to MVP Multimedical and Pediatrics – a facility that has so much to offer.  Based on my experience at MVP, I now envision myself furthering my career goal as a pediatric nurse.  It feels great when you recognized that you can give love to a diversity of kids and that they trust you not to hurt them but to be truthful. I would not exchange my experience at the Allen School of Health Sciences for any other.  A big thank you to the staff at the Allen School of Health Sciences as the wheels of my career are spinning in full speed … It will keep going and not hit the brakes.