Jennifer Houck MIBC Student

Jennifer Houck

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - August 2016

Resides in Maryland

In today’s grim economy I am one of the unfortunate people that lost their job after 14+ years of employment at the same eye doctor. I have been in numerous interviews but can not obtain the same salary for the job I was doing. At this point in my journey I have been blessed with having the opportunity to make the Allen School my job. All I can tell my fellow classmates, if you are working full time, raising a family, and attending school. .. accept that there is no other time for other activities 🙂 . Good thing it’s only 9 months to the start of something great!!! Definitely do your assignments in small intervals spending 30 mins on it each time, so your brain doesn’t hit overload. I tend to do homework, stop, do a load of laundry, maybe start dinner, and then go back. I wish everyone good luck, and the ability to dance in the rain!!!!!!