Jesus Torres

Medical Assistant

Graduate - April 2017

Resides in New York

Jesus Torres Offers His Testimonial

From the start, I was motivated to complete the program. In the army, you are taught the seven army values and you utilize those values in service and in civilian life. I kept the upkeep and used all seven army values to keep me focused and straight. During my time in the program, I’ve met some unique people and have been exposed to working with humans. My background is more or less not dealing with people so working in this field is something totally new to me. This is the second time I have graduated from a medical program and this program made me grow. The staff at the Allen School are the best at what they do. The staff pushed me until I fully completed my goal of becoming a Medical Assistant. Martha oh Martha – from the beginning I liked her, she is a no-nonsense person and doesn’t take no for an answer. She kept up with me and kept me in check especially when I was about to quit. Thank you to the staff for keeping me on point until the end.