Jonathon Yanes medical Assisting Student

Jonathan Yanes

Medical Assistant

Graduate - February 2017

Resides in Phoenix, AZ

Prior to attending the Allen School of Health Sciences, I was a university student who had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks at the end of the semesters because of a previous accident that had interfered with my way of learning. I was hardly able to retain information and I ended with bad grades. I was put down by several people in my life, even in my own family. I was depressed because I felt lonely and could not see the end of the tunnel. It wasn’t until my good friend Rebecca helped me to look for other ways to continue with my career, to not let other people choose who I am in life, but to take matters into my own hands. As I looked for schools I was referred to the Allen School from another college, and as soon as I walked in I felt like this is where I belong. I started to become more excited as I learned about what it is like to be a medical assistant and how truly important we are in the field. I decided that it was time for me to become the better version of myself and not give up. I realized that no one could get in my way but myself and every day I walk into school I am challenged  to expand on my learning, sharpen my skills, and become the best of the best. All teachers make sure that we excel with every student, and I fell in love with the idea of having teachers like the ones I have today, that push me to the limits and beyond to achieve my full potential, and remind me that from the moment I filled that application, it only gets better from here and on.