Maria Childress Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Student

Maria Childress

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - March 2017

Resides in New Braunsels, TX

All the instructors at Allen School have shown their capability in their own special field of education. But my motivator has been Professor Littlejohn. Besides educating her class she makes it so much fun in helping the students be engaged actively in the class. She has a lot of patience in dealing with our different personalities as well as respecting us as individuals – as adults not as children.  She does not belittle us, not even in her tone of voice. I have the utmost respect for her and thank her for acknowledging the diversity in all of us. I hope for be privileged to attend another of her classes. Mrs. Diana Wilson also was very understanding and gave us room to express ourselves during class. Just like a regular school class. Both teachers made me look forward to the next day in class. They helped me not to give up but to stick with the program. Thanks to everyone at Allen School for making it possible to enroll in this program. From the interviewer to the in-take, the technicians & Administrators and everyone who had a part in helping me with my enrollment and participation at the Allen School.