Mayra Medical Assistant Student Testimonials

Mayra Valenzuela

Medical Assistant

Graduate - May 2017

Resides in Phoenix, AZ

I made the decision of moving out from Douglas, AZ where I lived all my life to pursue my career. My greatest weakness was leaving my mom, but she’s my motor she motivates me just like my daddy does on a regular basis their support is the key to my success. There was one special person that pushed me to get where I’m at right now my big sister Priscilla, without her I would still be thinking about what I want to do I can’t ever thank her enough for getting me here. As she started looking online for schools she came across “The Allen School of Health Sciences” there was something about this school that caught our eye. The day had come, I began to feel so nervous because I have a 2yr old daughter which is so time consuming. I couldn’t give up I know I’ll be her role model one day. The first person that greeted my family and I was Alicia. Where do I start Alicia the best advisor you will ever meet, she has such a great sense of humor, she made me feel so comfortable about my choice coming here. The teachers and staff here at the Allen School are truly amazing each and every one of them. I appreciate everything they do here, their time, their teaching, their advice. Dr. Hunt, Ms. Sesser, Ms. Vivian and Dr. Dan thank you for guiding me to developing my potentials, and embracing my strengths. I’m beyond thankful to be here and have had the best teachers. I’m currently in my 4th module and I’ve been a 4.0 student all along. It’s a dream come true I’m only one step away from receiving my Medical Assistant Diploma which goes out to my family.   Thank You, “The Allen School of Health Sciences” for being part of my life.