Premkumar Tarachan Medical Assistant Student

Premkumar Tarachan

Medical Assistant

Graduate - April 2016

Resides in Astoria, NY

Being or deciding to be a student at Allen School of health science is one of the best  decision I have ever make, but I must say that for the first I wasn’t sure if I did the right thing getting into the Medical Assistant program. After listening to professors like Dr Cheslik, Dr Choudhury, Dr Huda, Dr Shayma, Dr Kaniz, Dr.  Mannan, Dr. Sultanna and the most special Mrs. Mary Sivak whose words and inspiration give me the courage and strength to continue. Coming from a very different profession, background knowing nothing about the medical field, and learning from or being in association with these professors at Allen School transform my life both mentally and professionally preparing me for today real life challenges in the medical field. It was not easy to stay or be an ‘A’ student, so many challenges including homework, quizzes, attendance, punctuality, professionalism in class room, etc. but with determination and stead fast effort I made it with the help also from these wonderful professors. These professors are willing to help anytime of the day to give assistance selflessly without complaint which I admire most, special thanks to them. Allen School staffs especially, Careers Services are simply the best to deal with; they will work with you to solve any difficulty face while attending the college and after. The hard working and delightful staff of career services department will help a student to be prepared for challenges when time for job interview, job search and their wonderful advice is very helpful in real life. So my advice for upcoming student : be positive, focus on your study, stay away from the outside world for six months, have strong determination to excel, cooperate with your professors  and follow their advice be in contact with careers services  and you will be successful. Student was hired on his Internship Site – Labcorp