Rhodel Lewis Medical Assistant

Rhodel Lewis

Medical Assistant

Graduate - December 2016

Resides in Brooklyn NY

It is not every day I get the opportunity to express the way I feel, so here goes. As a child growing up, there was something deep down inside of me telling me that caring for people would make me happy and right there and then, it dawned on me that being a doctor would be my closest point of making that happiness come true. I know I’m not there yet, but the sky is the limit for me. It is not easy for a working mom and wife to go back to school and pass all of her classes with honors, but I did it. I did it with the strength of my Heavenly Father and family as my support and of course the teachers, doctors, and staff that taught me everything I know here at the Allen School of Health Sciences – hats off to you guys. And this is for anyone reading this and is thinking about joining the Allen Family – go right ahead, make that step, and you will be glad you did so that you too can have your success story and shine for all to see.