More Tips for the CNA Résumé

OK, so you don’t have to be strictly a certified nursing assistant to make use of the following résumé tips.  You can be a recent graduate of the Allen School with a newly minted certification in medical billing and coding, medical office assistant or CNA and this info will be equally pertinent to you. The good folks over at the US News & World Report published a list of 6 résumé red flags you can easily avoid.  Abridged list below, but you can read the details in the original article here.  6 things to avoid including in your curriculum vitae (CV):
  • Generic résumé
  • Résumé appearance malfunction
  • Bad grammar/spelling
  • Résumé timeline gaps
  • Résumé evasiveness
  • Key phrase banalities
Getting a job as a CNA, medical office assistant or medical billing and coding professional is easier when you have solid training provided by the Allen School.  But writing your CV is a difficult task full of pitfalls.  So read the article and make sure you put your best foot forward.

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