Heerawattie Badrudeen testimony MIBC

Heerawattie Badrudeen

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - April 2014

Resides in New York

Thank you for the congrats and truth be told we wouldn’t have made it if Allen School staff hadn’t provided the support we needed. I am quite happy with being associated with Allen School and the wonderful instructors and students I have met online. Being a student at Allen School has impacted my life both professionally and personally. First, I’d like to say that in regards to work I have become more detailed oriented in my communications (verbally and written). Some of the information I have learned has helped me to understand what I am doing at my job even though it is unrelated to healthcare. I work at Third Party Freight Payment/Computer Software Company. We develop computer software (CalcRate, CalcPak, etc) for Logistics, and we process, audit and pay bills as a third party payer. I coordinate EDI set ups and what I have learned in an informal/self-research basis at my job, instructors at Allen School have provided clarifying information on EDI, thus helping me to be able to explain what EDI is to new clients. Also, since I am also involved in the billing department in the capacity of an auditor, customer service rep and administrative assistant, I am more comfortable to be able to provide better feedback to those I work with, and our customer. I have become better at my job. Another thing, I used to be late for work, but in my CDV class I made a commitment to myself to change that habit to a more positive one, and have been earlier at work minus a day or two. I have to thank Allen School and Ms Stacy Sandberg for this! On a personal level, my children saw my dedication and commitment and were very impressed by it. The staff at Allen School made it easy to get enrolled, getting my books on time, answering questions, help-desk and student coordinators along with instructors made it easy for me to stick with the program. I have made 100% attendance and maintained a GPA of 4.0 throughout all my classes. Also, I have seen cooperation and dedication coming from my children – they helped me in cooking dinner, cleaning the house, turning on my computer so I’d be able to log onto class as soon as I came home. So on a personal level – Allen School has shown me that my family can come together and help each other, supporting and appreciating each other. Thank you guys for this!!! This was my first online experience and I have to say I didn’t know what to expect, however I have found it to be and awesome experience. I bonded and made friends with lots of very dedicated and strong women, each of us having our own little struggles, but being happy to reach up in the “classroom” in the evening. Truth be told, i was so looking forward to finish the program but when it was over, I still ended up going into blackboard and just reading the discussions we had, I miss everyone. My instructors were just awesome and they made learning online so easy that I have been “selling” online schooling to anyone who would listen to me! The ladies and I have exchanged phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook IDs, in order to keep in touch. For new students- I would like to say be prepared to learn, be prepared for your new role as a professional because that is what Allen School really help you with. New students, if you want to be at the top of your game then you have to stay true to this commitment that you are making, for it is to yourself that you are making it with. Added benefit is that those around change their lives as they watch you blossom and grow from your learning experiences. My 20 years old has committed to start a Medical Billing and Coding program with Allen School in the fall, my 11 year old son said he would love to do online classes as he gets older and my eldest daughter who is presently completing a bachelors both in Early Childhood and Psychology has also thoughts of doing a program with Allen School. Thanks for an awesome experience Allen School!!!