Jessica Walshiemer Testimony Medical Assistant

Jessica Welshiemer

Medical Assistant

Graduate - December 2014

Resides in Arizona

This school is absolutely amazing! I can’t thank my instructors enough for taking the time to really explain things in detail. I am a single mother of two and when I first signed up for The Allen School I never thought for one second that I couldn’t balance my home life with school. Then it happened the first month of school I believe it was the second week I was diagnosed with pseudo tumor cerebri  basically it was a fancy name for increased pressure on the brain. I missed a few days of school and knew I had to return. The day I returned to school I let my instructors know what had happened. Some days I was really disoriented and others I was fine. But there was a complete week the second month of school where I had a very hard time, my instructors kept a very close eye on me they were concerned for my health. And when I thought I would have to give up they showed me that they had faith in me and to have faith in myself they had faith in me when no one else did and for that I am a 2014 graduate with a 4.0 GPA! The point of my story is this; These instructors here are a family the staff here is amazing! You will find friends and with those friends a whole other family. I’d like to personally thank Dr. Hunt, Mrs. Sesser, Mrs. Vivian, Dr. Cao and most of all Dr. Jackson who took teaching to a whole other level! I just want to say thank you for having faith in me and for the time you gave to us. For giving us the knowledge to start a career a stepping stone for those who will become great people thank you so much!