Allison Toney Testimony medical assistant

Allison Toney

Medical Assistant

Graduate - September 2015

Resides in Arizona

Looking back on everything I have to laugh and smile at how God got me to Allen School.  But first let me tell you my story. Growing up as a little girl I had aspirations to become a doctor, so that was my plan to attend medical school after finishing high school. I was raised by a single father who said I could do anything if I worked hard enough, because hard work pays off for those who want things out of life. But life had other plans and I had to postpone my dreams for the time being. My father got sick suddenly and my life got turned upside down, so I decided to take care of him for 4 years. While doing so it made me more intent on becoming a doctor. Taking care of him never made me want to change my dreams, until he died suddenly. After that I became lost and nothing else mattered to me. Fast forward to the summer of 2014 and I receive a call from an adviser from The Allen School of Health and Sciences. She was very kind and helpful and set up an interview on a Saturday, because I was unable to go during the week. So when Saturday came I went to the school to find out no one was there. It was very upsetting and to make things worse there was a storm happening at the same time. To be honest I lost interest in the school after that fateful day, but it would not be the last time I would hear about Allen School because two months later I would receive a phone call from another adviser by the name of Alicia. If you ask me to describe Alicia I would say she is perky, persistent and driven by her students. I told her about the situation and she insisted I give the school another chance so I did. So she took me through the process and in many ways was my guiding light in choosing Allen School. I am going to be honest I was scared to go back to school on many levels, but Alicia reassured me that it would be worth it after everything was said and done. If it hadn’t been for Alicia contacting me and believing I could do this, I don’t think I would be in Mod 5 right now and almost on my way to externship. Lastly I want to thank all the teachers for taking the time to help and guide me for 9 months. Dr. Hunt’s approach to teaching class and doing scenarios was the most terrifying but most thrilling experience ever. Dr. Jackson’s cool approach to teaching always left room for us to laugh and ask questions in his class, even when he was telling his really bad dad jokes and being just one awesome teacher.  Dr. Cao has to be one of the best people I know including Dr. Jackson to allow his students to make fun of him in class and still have a good laugh with his students. He is a very quiet person when he teaches so it made listening in his classes even more interesting. Dr. Dan may have one of the best personalities of all the teachers at Allen. He likes to incorporate real life stories when teaching and it made his class so much fun, because it never got dull or boring with Dr. Dan. Last but not least Mrs. Vivian, she taught the classes we didn’t really like. But she always had a smile on her face every morning and afternoon for us and that kept me going for the five weeks I had to take boring Keyboarding . But with every single teacher going out of their way to make sure I knew the material and actually understood it for when I leave for externship, I will forever be grateful and appreciative for having the opportunity to be accepted into your school and attend it.