BJ Louis Testimony Medical Assistant

BJ Louis

Medical Assistant

Graduate - December 2014

Resides in Arizona

Hi – My name is BJ Louis. I am 58 years of age, and I am a student at the Allen School of Health Sciences. I have previously been a director of a pre-school, and for 15 years have worked among children. Then, my life sent me into a new career direction, senior care giving. Beginning this new career the goal of owner-operator of a senior foster care home, it was very apparent the need for medical education. After making many contacts to different medical schools, the Allen School of Health Sciences offered the courses that prepared me to give the proper care to seniors. I cannot thank all of my instructors nearly enough, or express my gratitude strongly enough for the education they have given me. Teaching me, and instilling in me the medical signs that we as medical assistants need to observe, and how to properly respond when these medical issues arise. Because of the professionalism in my instructors teaching “I learned”. I learned to be observant, I learned protocol. As a result in this, a very dear senior in my care received life saving proper care needed in the proper time allotted without having to experience any repercussion. We thank you Allen School. At our school, we all consider ourselves a team. We all work together (Learning for a Cause, raising donations). We study together (no one is left behind). As a team we all succeed, from our enrollment advisor, our instructors, we the students, our career services staff, we are the Allen School of Health Sciences. As I am now entering the fifth module, time has gone by so very quickly, and I am looking forward to the experience and education within externship. The Allen School Staff worked very hard to place me in the externship that will be associated with my career choice. On completion of my training at Allen School , I will complete the certification exam. Students of the Allen School and those perspective students of the Allen School – congratulations – you have made a great life career choice.