Bryan Therlin, Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Brian Therlin

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - January 2015

Resides in Missouri

Greetings to all new students arriving at Allen School of Health Sciences. Get ready to work hard, gain more knowledge, meet new people and take a path to success. I started the certificate program in July of 2013 and fell into a nice pace and schedule and felt wonderful about all of the different  emotions I was experiencing. The instructors are amazing. They are there to guide you and assist you in getting on the path of a brighter future. Maintain a strong work ethic, stay positive always and know that YOU CAN do any-thing you want to do. A week after finishing the certificate program, I  landed a great job within a major hospital in my area due to my hard work, 4.0 GPA and all of the knowledge I gleaned at Allen School. Being chosen for the inaugural class for the Associate’s Degree Program was an honor and I cherish the recognition. This Degree Program is awesome and will  benefit my career in the future, and I’m certain it will benefit you as well. Go forth and achieve!!