Christine Rummel testimony MIBC

Christine Rummel

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - December 2011

Graduating from the Allen School’s Medical Billing and Coding Online program has changed my life tremendously. After being out of school for 26 years, keeping up with the demanding curriculum was a personal challenge. I not only graduated on time, but I did so with a 4.0 GPA! I graduated on December 18, 2011 and quickly landed a full-time job on January 5, 2012. I am now an Admissions Coordinator of a 90-bed skilled nursing facility. With the substantial amount of valuable information I learned, along with a boost in self-esteem, the Allen School experience made me more marketable than ever to prospective healthcare employers. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the support of the Allen School faculty and departments throughout this process. Along the way I met many selfless and devoted teachers who helped me realize my potential as a medical professional. I also met many supportive classmates who I today call friends. Their help, constructive criticism and motivation inspired me to persevere when the challenges of life and school seemed overwhelming. The helpful advice from the Admissions Staff and the diligent follow through of the Career Services department provided me a smooth transition from student to graduate, and eventually as an employee. There are so many people to thank for my success not only from the Allen School, but also my family. The endless support and motivation from my two loving daughters, the encouragement and advice of my sister to pursue a new career path, and the endless reassurance from my boyfriend gave me the resolve that I needed to succeed. I thank you all and appreciate all of your cooperative efforts for without you, this success story would not exist. I look back on my astonishing medical billing education journey in 2011 with the Allen School and look forward to my new journey as a professional Admissions Coordinator with the same optimism, passion and determination.