Healthcare Education Success Stories

Daisey Rodriguez Delgado

Medical Assistant

Graduate - May 2014

Resides in Arizona

Do you ever feel that the whole world was against you, that there are no bright lights or doors opening? You don’t ever want to give up! If you keep looking you’ll find your true passion and happiness. Giving up should NEVER be a choice! Always look where you think you’ll never find something; look as deep as the sea goes, under rocks, from where you’ll never think you’ll succeed. Most importantly, have confidence within yourself. Believe in you otherwise no one else will find your creditability. I have a big, great dream. Everyone has their own. Mine is to become a successful PEDIATRICIAN. As a pediatrician you have many responsibilities and duties. This will help me give back to my community even though they have not asked for it. I love to help and absolutely LOVE children! I want to end my day being satisfied that I have helped a patient to feel and get better. Allen school has been my door opening, my bright light, which shines to begin my dream. It is a great school. With a wonderful staff, a place full of new adventures and experiences. It also has a magnificent set of instructors. This is a place where you create a new loving family. Everyone is great in my perspective. Instructors will always assist you; of course, as long as you do your part. They’ll always take away from their time for your needs. One of the instructors that I admire most is; Dr. Hunt. Some may say she’s hard, yet I think she’s hard yet fair. She’ll push you until you wake-up “defending” (Insider, if you know her you’ll get it). She is the type of person that has time for everything and everyone. With all she has within her hands she is still able to run a student, class, and a whole school. She has patience with everything, and many people don’t have that. She has life-time knowledge; I would say her brain is like a jungle, full of awesome creations and knowledge. It is absolutely astonishing and admiring what she is capable of doing. The sweetest and most helpful is Ms. Vivian. She is such a cutie, and always willing to give you a helping hand. Ms. Vivian is very kind and has the patience to explain all your questions clearly. She is that type of person that you would like to put into your pocket and take home. Allen School is great in every aspect. It is a great way to start your career, or your little jump to accomplish your dream goal, as I am. It might be hard through out the whole course, but at the end I promise you it’ll be worth it. Nothing in life is easy; you’re always going to work hard to get what you want and need. Never be afraid to try new things! Take a risk and try out a new adventure here at ALLEN SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES.