deborah bartlett testimony MIBC

Deborah Bartlett

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - July 2013

Resides in New York

When I first started thinking about returning to school at the age of 62 I was very nervous. I heard about online education and it was a good match for me because I had 2 knee replacements earlier in the year. However, after talking with Gaby Levoyer she made me believe in myself and for the first time in a long time felt that I might be okay. So, I took a chance! And after the first week I wondered what I was thinking. Fortunately Gaby warned me the first couple of weeks would be an adjustment and I would have to get back in school mode, but to be patient. First time around I did not know how to study because I never had to in high school. Well, I learned very quickly. Fortunately, the Allen School Professors are wonderful and my classmates are the best! We have been a “family“ since day one with Gaby and my family/classmates support each other with our struggles. Well, long story short I am now about 8 weeks from completion and have been on the Platinum Honor Roll since the first semester! I love school including my teachers, being online, and all my classmates. I recently applied for a job as a Virtual Utilization Coordinator. I may not get it, but I felt confident enough to apply and my skills are a good match. What a great way to go into retirement. I am so happy I took the step with Gaby to return to school and did it through Allen School.