Guerlen Castro testimony medical assistant

Guerlen Castro

Medical Assistant

Graduate - September 2015

Resides in New York

When I was a child, I always wanted to be in a law field. As I grew older I found out I had so many health issues that it was devastating for me. I began to struggle to get better and have accomplished my goal to get better. Now I’m 23 with my certificate that titles me as a Medical Assistant. I couldn’t be happier. Many people ask me why Medical Assistant if you have a Criminal Justice experience, Teacher Assistant Experience? Well the fact that I choose this is career is to help people out no matter if it’s not much.  Any little bit counts but I know some day I will save a persons life. My arrival at the Allen School was introduced by a family friend. I remember I just came to ask about the school with out thinking to enroll that day. It was a smart choice I made. It was a step further to a better education. My 9 month journey began and within those 9 months I had my ups and downs. I had lost two of my love ones, had to deal with hospitalizations, my learning disability that I have, (dyslexia). But as I had hard moments, I had great ones too. I meet people in my module and professors I learn to care so much. I created a bond with my classmates that are unique and perfect and I’m thankful for that. Education was the best. I learned so much in a little bit of time. It was amazing and it still is. I got to have my hands on experience and opportunity to have a site to learn more and keep expanding my knowledge. As my journey ended at the Allen School I open another chapter in my life as a Medical professional at Wyckoff Hospital.  Thanks to the Allen School I can say I did it. They helped me they pushed me to do what I had to do. For me this is not a job this is my career and I love what I do.  People say “Medical Assistant Is not a profession”. That’s a lie! It is a profession never thinks otherwise. Be the best you can be and enjoy it.