heather batchelor testimony MIBC

Heather Batchelor

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - March 2013

Resides in Georgia

Heather wrote this poem to her Enrollment Advisor, Shelly Campbell.

Great job Shelly!

A Poem by Heather

Thank you for all of your dedication
Thank you for helping me get an educationThank you for being there
Thank you for your support and careThank you for making me laugh and smile
Thank you for convincing me that an educa
tion is worthwhile

Thank you for trying to understand
Thank you offering me a helping hand

Thank you for cheering me on
Thank you for not letting me feel I’m all aloneThank you for all that you have done
Thank you for making school enjoyable and funThank you for giving me your all
Thank you for not letting me fall

Thank you for being true
Thank you for all that you do.