Allen School of Health Sciences

Jamie Jude

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - January 2013

Resides in Kentucky

When I first started the Allen School I was nervous at what to expect, but I do not regret enrolling, as it is a wonderful school. I have met so many good people here and now I know what to look forward to as a professional. My classmates are my family. I have the most wonderful professors and classmates a girl could ever ask for. The compassion and knowledge we have helps one another and builds our confidence up when we our down. We have had our sad paths along the way like losing family members, and our happy moments, like getting an A on a quiz or just getting a phone call from our classmates and talking until 1 in the morning. I share this with anyone who is starting the Allen School: You will not regret your decision and will be excited about what knowledge you come out with and the friendships you obtain during your time in school. I am blessed to know I made an impact on someone’s life. Now I have great memories and experiences to help remind me of how I got to where I am going. Thank you Allen School