jen edwards testimony MIBC

Jennifer Edwards

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - October 2013

Resides in Pennsylvania

I’m finding 102 easier, than 101- it just makes more sense to me. I always was more science/heath geeky than history geeky! So far, I’ve had nothing but the best experiences with the staff. From my Enrollment Advisor to Financial Aid to Student Services to Instructors and anyone else I may have missed, you have all been wonderful and my Enrollment Advisor has been especially patient with my nervous and seemingly constant e-mails 😀 I’m finding myself actually anxious to come home from work at night not to just be done for the day there, but so I can study. I NEVER thought I’d actually look forward to doing my studies. I can’t say enough about my classmates either. We come from so many different backgrounds, different ages, different struggles and experiences, and I haven’t found one of them yet that wouldn’t do anything they possibly could to help anyone else out any way they could at anytime. Allen School is the best school out there as far as I’m concerned.