Jim McCain Testimony MIBC

Jim McCain

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - November 2014

Resides in Florida

Jim McCain was our Online Student of the Module and this is what he had to say: Hello Ms. Anton. I received your voice mail late yesterday and I must say I am both shocked and very, very happy to have been selected as the Student of the Module. I don’t know exactly how one earns such an honor but I am very pleased that my efforts have amounted to something so worthwhile. Your call came as a nice surprise to me after spending the past couple of days in bed with the flu. Now I feel invigorated after receiving the great news and will continue to apply myself accordingly. Thank you for the kind words you bestowed upon me in your voice mail message. I hope to continue to live up to the standard that allowed me to be recognized by those who selected me for the award. Also, I want to mention to you that I am very pleased with the four instructors from whom I have already learned so much thus far. Mrs. Keeney, Ms. Bertrand, Mrs. Sesser, and Mr. Dunn have been excellent instructors that seem to be able to teach, explain, and to elicit participation from students very easily. I consider them all four to be assets to the Allen School teaching staff. I believe they deserve much of the credit for my own success because of their encouragement and by making classes both interesting and fun. Sincerely, Jim McCain