Judy Carter Testimony MIBC

Judy Carter

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - June 2013

Resides in Arkansas

I had thought about going to school for years – with the encouragement of my husband – but it never seemed like “the right time” with kids, work, church, etc. Then 3 months ago I lost my job. I started filling out apps but everyone in the medical field wanted a certificate. So like I have done in the past – I looked online and filled out applications for some colleges. I spoke to a few and nothing really clicked. Then one morning an Enrollment Advisor with Allen School called me. She was so nice and we went over EVERYTHING. Within 2 days I had spoke with so many nice, friendly, helpful people that I knew this was the place for me. Then – school started and I got the nicest teachers and wonderful classmates. And I have a SSC that calls and checks on me frequently. All of these people are such a blessing. When I first found out I was talking Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology I could not imagine what I needed that for – I was wanting to do Medical Coding and Billing and I have done it for years without it. Well I learned quickly and it has really helped and I can see where I will need it in the future – especially if I have my own business. I have already recommended Allen School to several of my friends.