Maureen Dabreo testimony MIBC

Maureen Dabreo

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - January 2012

Becoming an Allen School student gave me the hope and encouragement I needed to reach my dream of working in the medical field. The entire staff including the Financial Aid office, Career Services and instructors were essential in molding me into a professional Medical Assistant. The Allen School instructors are caring and willing to go that extra mile for each student. At times it was difficult to complete assignments while maintaining family needs and working a part-time job. Thanks to the entire staff’s support, I was able to pull through and succeed! The Career Services department played an important role in what they call the “key steps for job preparation.” When it came time for my first interview, they really reached out and helped me practice, because I had never had a professional interview before. They also did a truly excellent job in finding me the best internship opportunity, which is where I’m still working today. I am glad I chose the Allen School and would be honored to refer anyone looking for fresh start to enroll in their medical assistant school. I truly am proud to say that I am an Allen School graduate.