Niki Castor Medical Assistant testimonial

Niki Castor

Medical Assistant

Graduate - September 2015

Resides in Arizona

When I first came to the Allen School I was working at a normal job that wasn’t going anywhere and needed to do something more. I met with Alicia and instantly knew this is where I needed to be. Starting here in January was very exciting and I quickly realized how much the teachers cared for their students. We were not just a school but a family. As the mods came and went we grew closer and closer. The classrooms were filled with a lot of exciting materials but most of all laughter. Leaving the school for the internship was exciting. We weren’t nervous because we knew that we and learned so much that it was just now time to apply it. Thank you: Dr. Jackson, Dr. Hunt, Dr. Dan, Dr. Cao and Mrs. Vivian for being so amazing. And as always a big thank you to Alicia to getting us here.