Penny Jones Testimony MIBC

Penny Jones

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - November 2011

Resides in Kentucky

This letter is intended for those students who can’t decide between furthering their education with Allen School or forgoing this opportunity in hopes of achieving a great job. My name is Penny Jones and I am a November 2011 graduate of The Allen School’s MIBC program. I was one of those people aforementioned that could not decide what to do. Research became an everyday occurrence as I wandered aimlessly through the internet into various programs and schools until I found the Allen School. Once I established contact via phone, the decision got much easier and was actually a “no brainer.” From the first hello to my final day as a student, I felt accomplished and appreciated by this establishment.¬†They reared a career woman out of an unsure and scared girl. Each instructor taught me valuable lessons not only in the classroom, but through their behavior in conversation with each student. I was not just a student number….I was Penny, and I mattered to them. The coursework was challenging and is not for everyone; however, you only get out of this experience what you are willing to put in. I am a single mother who works full-time to provide for my child and myself. If I can do it…..anyone can do it. No more excuses, no more maybes, just do it!! I am grateful to The Allen School for the education that I received and the lessons I learned while there. I will forever be indebted to them for giving me a boost into my new career. Not only were they there for me as a student, they are still there as advisors to guide me into my paths as a medical biller and coder. Words cannot express fully the extent of my gratitude to The Allen School and the wonderful instructors who made my new career possible. Happiness is a gift that I received by furthering my education and being what I wanted to be. Just remember to “shoot for the moon…..even if you miss, you’ll be among the stars”.