Rebecca Spidell testimony medical assistant

Rebecca Spidell

Medical Assistant

Graduate - July 2015

Resides in Arizona

We are all destined to make choices and those choices do control our future. I am most fortunate and grateful that Allen School is filled with so many motivated people who make positive choices, which ultimately lead to so many meaningful and productive lives of the students they mentor. I have learned a great deal this year at Allen from a remarkable group of individuals whose collective actions deserve our thanks and admiration and I value the effort given by all. Through their positive motivation, the students are encouraged to grasp the opportunities available to them whole heartedly sometimes leaving their comfort zone to go above and beyond. Making a mistake is just finding another way that something doesn’t work. We are learning with the best and the solid ground of knowledge is in sight all the time. Once you are motivated, your success will take on a life of it’s own. Learning is valuable, what you understand, you don’t have to fear. The awesome teachers at Allen School are more than happy to help you thoroughly understand anything you may have a problem with. Remember time is a gift, use it with wisdom and much thought, it is fragile and you only get one chance at getting it right for you. Choosing Allen School has opened many doors for me and my future is great. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers and staff that are really changing the world by producing knowledgeable and productive individuals. Rebecca Spidell