Sheena Thorton Testimony Medical Assistant

Sheena Thorton

Medical Assistant

Graduate - June 2014

Resides in New York

Sheena is our 2014 New York Campus Valedictorian. Here is her speech from graduation. Enjoy.

Good Evening Board of management, Tutors, Graduands, Specially invited guest, ladies and gentlemen It is an honor and a privilege for me to be standing here this evening, not only as a graduand of the Allen School Brooklyn Campus but as their valedictorian. I can’t speak for everyone here tonight, but I can say we all have our own stories of how we arrived at the Allen school and the struggles some of us might have faced to have made it here tonight, present self included. The Allen school was the best choice for me, not only will I be leaving with the knowledge needed to succeed in this world, but because of the wonderful teachers who pushed and believed in us every step of the way to whom I give thanks. I’d like to thank god through him all things are possible, my family for their never ending support, encouragement and confidence knowing I could succeed when I myself thought I couldn’t. I”d like to thank my fellow graduands for their comradeship and good naturedness as we practiced, poked and prodded each other as part of the learning process which has brought us to the culmination and the reason for this evenings proceedings, our graduation. Last but certainly not least my son Kymani the reason why I stand here tonight to show him anything is possible once you have dreams. As the great Harvey Firestone said” Ideas are any man’s greatest assets, no matter how carefully we plan, these ideas will never be more than dreams unless we have the courage to pursue them.” So to the Graduands of 2014 I say congrats to us on our future endeavors. Thank you! Sheena Thorton