Sonja Rowan testimony MIBC

Sonja Rowan

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - January 2013

Resides in Maryland

Hi, my name is Sonja Rowan. I am fifty-one and have spent the past thirty years in retail. Although I loved my career, it was time to make a change. At my age I never dreamed I would be back in school, but in order to advance to a better career I needed to. After looking into several schools, Allen School was the best choice for me. From my first call to Allen School I have had nothing but helpful and friendly people helping me. My main concern was if I would be able to accomplish my goal. Well, here I am, more then half way through the course! I would like to thank every professor for all the patience they show and all their endless help. Also, a special thank you to my class mates with whom I have become very close friends with. In closing, I would highly recommend Allen School to everyone. No matter what your age— a career change is never to late.