stephanie isidore testimony medical assistant

Stephanie Isidore

Medical Assistant

Graduate - June 2013

Resides in New York

From a B.S. in Biology to becoming a Medical Assistant, every decision in life can be a stepping-stone to higher grounds, as long as you view it as such. The Allen school became my stepping-stone to higher grounds, a bridge to aid in drawing nearer to my ultimate career choice. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Biology, I was left wondering what was my next step? How would I be able to make my dream of be-coming a medical professional a realization? I came across the Allen School while doing an online research and decided to visit the Brooklyn campus. The first time I visited the campus I didn’t apply right away. It was about two years later that I was able to register and upon my return it felt as if I never left the campus. The counselors remembered who I was and warmly welcomed me aboard the program. My experience at the Allen School was challenging because I was faced with a decision to either continue my education and quit my part-time job or remain in a position that was a dead end, in terms of my career path, and give up on the dream I wanted to build. I decided to continue with my education and I gladly gave up my employment for a seat at the Allen School. I do not regret making the decisions I made to remain at the Allen School. The education I received was not only beneficial to my future position as a Medical Assistant, but it was also beneficial to my growth as an individual. I came to the Allen School with a dream, yet standing at a huge gap not knowing what to do next. The Allen School became the tenacious bridge I needed to crossover into the field where now my dreams are being cultivated and steered in the proper direction. Without the education received at the Allen School, support and encouragement of the staff, family and friends and my faith I may have still been standing at that road wondering how in the world I will make it over. Thanks to the Allen School, I can proudly say I am Medical Assistant working side by side with a doctor knowing my future will only get brighter and brighter.