Tamberlyn Green Testimony MIBC

Tamberlyn Green

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - June 2012

Resides in Arkansas

I was a medical coder for 32 years. In July 2011, I lost my job and decided to go back to school. I researched several programs and due to the information I received from Allen School, and the wonderful people I came in contact with, I made the decision to enroll with them. I was very nervous. I was 49 and it had been years since I had been in school. The staff at Allen School was wonderful and encouraging to me. I had wonderful professors throughout the entire year, and met wonderful new friends. Every professor I had was than willing to explain anything that was not understood and to make sure that I was able to grasp all the material. The classes were geared to flow together each term, providing me with building blocks to learn. At the end of the year, my career services advisor, Joanie Bartman, was more than I could have ever asked for in aiding me with my final resume and partnering with me to find a career. After I landed a great job, she was there to congratulate me. I also took the test and got CPC Certified! The pointers I can give for anyone who is an Allen School student is to dedicate yourselves to this time in your life. Study hard, complete all assignments and give it 100%. You will learn so much and when you finally get a job in the healthcare field, you will understand how much Allen School helped you get where you are. I studied every day, turned all my work in on time, and took any help that was offered. Study, study, study. It will be well worth the effort you put into it. Again, I will that this was the best experience of my life. I loved every minute of it and I could not have asked for more from Allen School than they offered me. I want to wish each one of you the best and hope that your experience was as good as mine. Good luc