viviana osoroio robles testimony Medical Assistant

Viviana Osoroio-Robles

Medical Assistant

Graduate - April 2014

Resides in Arizona

Hi, my name is Viviana Osorio Robles, I am 18 years old, and graduated from Moon Valley High School in May, 2013. I am one of the proud dream act student to be attending the Allen School. This is the best choice I have made, the teachers along with my advisor Jesse and the staff are just absolutely amazing. The Allen school is every-thing I was looking for, not just economically, but also because I know this is a start to a better future. In the couple of weeks I been here, they have been excellent so far, yes there is still so much to learn knowing this is just the beginning. The teachers here are very helpful and like Dr. Hunt says “I will drill all this into your head even though I might not be your favorite now, you will thank me later.” I know that I will get everything drilled into my head in order for me to succeed and become a professional medical assistant with all the support you get from the teachers, the staff, and the advisors here at the Allen school. I honestly don’t think there is a better school then the Allen School. I highly recommend this school because it’s the best medical assistant school and has provided me a great start into the medical field and a bright future ahead.