Why Moms Like You Are Choosing to Go Back to School

A better tomorrow begins with a single step. By going back to school, you’re investing in your dreams. You’re working towards a goal that can positively impact your family’s livelihood. However, as a mother, by going back to school you’re not only actualizing your own educational and career goals—you’re also inspiring your children to believe in the power of a good education. To reach higher and dream bigger. You, and your children, are daring to be brave. You’re planning ahead. Looking towards the future. You want to learn and you want to sharpen your skills. You want to accomplish something substantial and create a better tomorrow. Mothers, like all parents, want a positive future for their families. By going back to school, you’re aiming for career growth, financial benefits, and that important sense of satisfaction that comes from achieving a challenging goal. By choosing to go back to school, you will start down the path towards not only advancing yourself, but also your family as a whole. The facts support your choice to go back to school. For example, studies show that graduates are more likely to be employed, remain employed, and boast higher annual and lifetime earnings as compared to those who don’t graduate. And they’re also more likely to have access to employer-sponsored pension and health insurance plans, as well. But going back to school and graduating offers more than just future financial security. As a mother, by pursuing your educational goals, you may inspire your own children to pursue a higher education. You are leading by example, and making an impression on the ones that matter the most. Research has shown that with a career you’re investing in your health: Graduating with a degree or certification can positively impact your overall life expectancy, as individuals have been shown to exhibit healthier behaviors, are able to access health information and navigate the national healthcare system more efficiently, and feature overall improved psychological well-being as compared to those who lack higher education. Keep in mind, one of the most common sources of information on schools for many people are friends, family, and coworkers. However, few speak directly with an admissions or enrollment advisor or research colleges online Contact the Allen School today! We are enrolling now for our spring classes and cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit www.allenschool.edu to learn more.   -Allen School

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