Yoga Benefits for Chronic Back Pain

Stand Out from the Crowd
Allen School of Health Sciences Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant students do you or someone you know suffer from lower back pain? Recently, there was a trial conducted that proved yoga can help relieve chronic lower back pain just as effectively as physical therapy. People who practiced yoga or physical therapy during a 12 week time period noticed improvement for over a year. Some of the lower back pain sufferers were able to cut out pain medication completely. The findings proved that this may not work for everyone suffering from this type of pain; however, yoga is a highly encouraged treatment option. According to American College of Physicians (ACP) published guidelines this year stating, “non-drug options should be the first-line treatment against low back pain.” If practicing yoga might be something that interests you for assisting with chronic back pain then keep in mind that there are various types of yoga classes. Try to attend classes that have gentle poses such as beginner yoga classes. Unfortunately, yoga can be costly and not likely covered by insurance. Instead of paying upwards of $20 a session – look into other options such as discount sites like Groupon or Living Social for yoga packages in your local area. While physical therapy is covered by insurance, it generally has steep co-pays which can be difficult for patients to afford. Allen School of Health Sciences Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant students in Brooklyn, Queens or Phoenix campuses do you know of any other non-drug lower back pain treatment options? If, so then please comment below. Click here to read the full WebMD article.

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