11 Ways to Hurt Your Career

Studying medical billing and coding or medical office assistant training at Allen School Online does a great job of preparing you for a career position.  The coursework focuses on many important subject matter areas that you’ll need to successfully execute the position you’ll earn in a medical office or hospital.  But what you may not learn at Allen School or at any other school is how to avoid undermining your position and your career in general by engaging in behaviors and activities that are sure to land you in hot water and damage your reputation as an employee.  These behaviors and activities range from impropriety on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to drinking too much at a holiday office party. Leading career website Monster.com published this excellent list of 11 Surprising Ways to Hurt Your Career that catalogs the many ways you can undermine your position in the workplace.  It is suggested reading for any Allen School Online students who are approaching the end of their studies and setting out to land a job in the field.

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