New Beginnings and Taking the Leap into a Healthcare Career Path

A career in healthcare offers many benefits beyond achieving the job of your dreams. Many different roles in a healthcare setting allow you to help others, caring for their physical and emotional needs, and making a difference in people’s lives. From newborns to senior citizens, you can choose a specialty and begin helping people to be healthier and ultimately happier. The year 2016 offers a wealth of new opportunities to chase your dreams by taking a leap into a new and exciting career path.

Benefits of a Career Path in Healthcare

online health sciences program in New YorkAt The Allen School of Health Sciences, we understand how disappointing it can be when you haven’t yet made it to your ideal career path. Like anything worth having, it can take time to land your ideal career. Our programs for nursing assistant, medical assistant, and medical coding and billing career paths are designed to put you on the fast track to your new and exciting career in the healthcare field. We have assisted many students in broadening their horizons and earning jobs in various health related fields like medical assistants, nursing assistants, and medical insurance billing and coding professionals.A career in healthcare offers many benefits, beginning even as early on as during your education. Some key benefits include:
  • Excellent compensation packages – You will enjoy a handsome salary with some of the best benefits around.
  • It’s great to feel needed – As a medical professional, your skills and talents will allow you to comfort patients and make their days better. This is a reward beyond what money can buy.
  • Healthcare jobs are in demand – You may find an easier time cracking into the healthcare field than many other fields that are currently inundated with applicants.
  • Exceptional cross-training and growth opportunities – Working in the medical field, especially as you first begin the process, will allow you to branch out and find many specialties that fit your talents and interests as well as your experience.

Fast Track to New Opportunities

training for medical billing and coding Phoenix AZThe Allen School makes it easy to enroll in one of the greatest adventures of your life. Our expert faculty eagerly awaits the opportunity to help put your new career path in motion with years of real-world experience in the medical field. We offer three accredited medical programs with thorough training designed to get you into the job you want without delay.Now is the time to make a decision that can affect your happiness and job security for the rest of your life. Choose to enroll in one of The Allen School’s programs to begin a career in the healthcare field. Get in touch with us to start working toward your dream healthcare job today.

HHS Dept Commissioned Study Says Regular Mammograms Only Needed After 50

mammogramSweeping new U.S. breast cancer screening guidelines are calling for an end to routine mammograms for women in their 40s and for women 50 to 74 they suggest a mammogram every other year.  This controversial new guideline was handed down by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF),  a group of nongovernmental experts convened by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to review published literature and develop recommendations for the use of clinical preventive services.   Coming on the heels of the controversial Stupak Amendment limiting coverage for abortions that was inserted into the House healthcare bill in the eleventh hour at the behest of Catholic Cardinals, this new guideline seems to many to be a part of a broader campaign to hack away at hard won womens’ rights. Continue reading…

Online Medical Billing School Working on Windows 7 timeframe

online medical billing classes

Sunset date for Windows 7

Here’s the story for anyone who uses computers for school; especially those enrolled in online medical billing school. As was covered in this blog extensively, Microsoft recently ceased support for its Windows XP operating system.  Now it has been reported that they are planning to kill again.  Microsoft announced it will be ceasing support for Windows 7 in January of 2015.  If your computer runs Windows 7, you might begin to make plans to either upgrade to Windows 8 (or, the soon-to-be released Windows 9 which is what Microsoft REALLY wants). Or, if your machine is getting old, purchase a new one with the latest operating system pre-installed.Look, your computer is important to do the work involved in medical assistant training classes and nursing assistant training on campus.  If you’ve opted for online medical billing school, your computer is your classroom, your lecture hall, you whole campus really, and we take serious the duty of keeping you informed of all the tips, tricks, and news information that we can to help you keep your computers in good shape.Should you be worried about this change coming in six months?  If history is any guide, it is possible that nothing will happen in January.  Microsoft announced its plan to discontinue XP support many years ago and kept extended the support period – over and over – due to popular demand.  Chances are we’ll see at least one extension!  But don’t forget you heard it here, because sooner or later, Windows 7 will be “sun setted”. 

Medical Assistant Training Doesn’t Cover Dealing with Annoying Co-Workers

medical assistants are good coworkers, but not everyone else is

How to Deal with Unpleasant Co-Workers Like this Guy

First off, let me make clear, horrible co-workers can be found in every career field, not just in the medical office field.  However, if you’re just wrapping up your medical assistant training and getting ready to wade into the workforce, you should be prepared with the following information with regard to the types and varieties of bad co-workers you’ll no doubt encounter on your path. And since I bet they don’t teach this stuff in medical assistant classes, I, your humble blogmaster, am here to fill in this important gap in your preparation for a new career.  You can thank me later.The folks at job board, have been kind enough to chronicle the 25 species of co-workers you may encounter and, more importantly, how to keep their buffonery from impacting on your hard-work and dedication to the job.  There are alot of numbskulls you’ll run into in the workplace – the slacker, the gossip, the suck-up, the complainer, the chatterbox, the schmoozer, the smiling backstabber, the thief, the control freak and many othersRead the article from Monster here to learn how to counteract the effects of each of these dolts.Also, let me make clear that for every joker you may encounter on the job as a medical assistant, you’re likely to meet 20 really awesome co-workers.  This is especially true in the medical field which by nature, is full of people who truly wish to make a difference and provide comfort to the afflicted.  It’s just fun on a Monday morning to vent a bit about some of our least favorite co-workers.  Enjoy!

Medical Billing Classes Online? Or Medical Assisting Training on Campus?

subwayHere’s one criteria you may use to determine whether you’re more suited to studying medical billing classes online with the Allen School, or taking medical assisting training on one of their NYC area campuses.   Two words for you:  Subway & Acrobats!If you live in the NY Metro area and you ride the subway, you’re no doubt acquainted with the amateur acrobats who sometimes come through the cars making impromptu performances of physical prowess, using the handrails and poles as gymnastic equipment.  Recently, NYPD has begun enforcing the rules prohibiting these performers from twirling, flying and catapulting themselves around the cars, apparently endangering other riders.  This prohibition on acrobatics though, will not stem the flow of other “street talent” using the subway platforms as their stage.  From magicians to musicians, poets to rappers and every other kind of artists, you’re still bound to be treated to a show on steel wheels while you’re bound for work or school.So, if you applaud the crackdown on subway acrobatics and find most train-based public performance an unbearable annoyance, perhaps you’d prefer to study medical billing classes online with the Allen School and avoid the daily shows in the tube.  If you think the acrobats and all the other subway performers are an interesting part of the social fabric, then you may prefer to study medical assisting training on Allen School campuses in the NYC area, taking the “E” train to school (that’s “E” for Entertainment).

Medical Technology – From Online Medical Billing Classes to Neural Bypass

online medical billing classes leverage technology for your gainTechnology has always been at the forefront of medical advancements and never more so than it is today.   Consider the recent advance in neural bypass technology wherein neurosurgeons successfully connected the brain of a paralyzed man to his muscles using an innovative medical breakthrough known as “Neurobridge” technology.From a Live Science article which I recommend reading for its amazing content, “Neurobridge reroutes brain signals. The system combines a computer chip implanted in the brain, a brain-computer interface, and a sleeve that transmits electrical signals to the patient’s forearm and hand.”Breakthroughs such as this – helping the paralyzed to move again of their own volition – are one of the many reasons why a career in the medical field is such a rewarding one.  And while it doesn’t approach the same level of wonder, technology is also instrumental in helping to produce class after class of medical billing and coding specialists.  Allen School’s online medical billing classes enable busy people to complete their certification from the comfort of their own home or any other internet connected location they may choose.

Just Earned a Medical Assistant Degree But Have No Experience for Your Resume?

resume21Fret not.  Everyone starts somewhere no?   If you’ve decided to pursue a career as a medical assistant and you’re about to earn your medical assistant degree, don’t be too concerned about finding that first job.“But I have never had a job as a medical assistant before and I won’t have any relevant experience to list on my resume” I hear you saying.  Just because you’re new to the field doesn’t mean you don’t have qualities, characteristics and yes, experiences that will be attractive to hiring managers.  Its just that none of these things have taken place inside a medical office.  So what do you do to fill a resume if you are a new grad and entrant into this exciting new career?The brilliant business minds at Forbes magazine have some answers to this question that, as luck would have it, has been asked by thousands of people before you.  The first answer they provide in their excellent article (which we strongly recommend you read here) is to include any and all relevant and transferable skills.  Were you the clerical person or admin for your uncle’s car dealership for a few summers?  Perhaps you helped your church group organize a trip for the choir to sing at the state capitol?  Or maybe you volunteered at your local assemblyman’s last campaign.  Any or all these types of activities can go a long way towards demonstrating your exposure to skills and functions necessary of a good medical office assistant.  List them all along with a good run down of the tasks you handled and the results you helped produce.Related side and/or academic projects are also fair game according to Forbes.  And this makes perfect sense.  The efforts you invested into in depth projects for school are a great source of experience and demonstrate your ability to complete complex tasks according to schedules and deadlines.  Create a “projects” section on your resume to share your experiences in projects – even if they’re not employment related – that may have some bearing on the work you‘re now seeking.  Perhaps you worked with a non-profit public health policy think tank.  Or maybe you volunteered at a free clinic?  Any of these types of activities can polish a resume. 

Nursing Assistant Training: Not Too Late to Achieve Career Greatness

Making significant achievements is not an activity strictly reserved for the young.  You may have worked for a decade or more in a field you find unrewarding and unprofitable.  But just because you’re no longer college aged and fresh faced, that you cannot turn over a new leaf and engage in some nursing assistant training to land a job in a field you will find rewarding both emotionally and financially.  Nursing assistant training can be taken by the young and the old alike and both age groups will find plenty of work available to them when they complete their studies.

Don’t believe that you can begin something like nursing assistant training at a later point in your life?  Think achievement is only for the youngsters?  Consider seasoned NY Mets baseball player Bartolo Colon.   Colon is set to turn 43 on May 24 and had never hit a home run during his long career in Major League Baseball.  Yet, this past weekend, Colon drilled one against Padres right-hander James Shields, blasting a two-run homer into the left field seats at Petco Park in San Diego.  In so doing, Colon became the oldest player in MLB history to hit his first career homer.

What are you waiting for?  If you’re sitting on the bench worrying that you’re too old to make a huge event occur in your life, think about Bartolo Colon and step boldly to the plate to take your swing.  Allen School is here to help you knock it out of the park!

Transferring Files to New Computer for Medical Coding Online Classes

file transfer ides for medical coding online classesOne critical piece of hardware relied upon by those taking medical coding online classes (as well as those in medical coding jobs) is the trusty computer.  Whether it is a laptop or a desktop, medical billing and coding as a study topic and a career relies heavily on computers.  They’re a fact of life in this field.  So its very likely that at some point, you’ll be faced with a dying machine or a machine so old, it is more cost effective to replace than repair/upgrade.  When that happens, do you know how to transfer all your files from the old/dying machine to the new one without losing important data or programs?Donna Tapellini writing for Consumer Reports offers the following five steps to safely and effectively migrating your files/data from an old computer to a new one.
  1. Back up your files before you move them.
  2. Transfer your files.
  3. Install your applications.
  4. What about that old printer?
  5. Keep your data to yourself!
For the details on each of these five steps, read Donna’s article here.  The article provides insight into each of these steps including file backup services/procedures, media/processes for transferring files, deciding which applications to migrate and which to leave behind, how to migrate older peripherals like printers and how to keep your data secure.For those taking medical coding online classes, this computer first aid is almost as important as the kind doctors and nurses apply to carbon-based life forms (humans).

Net Neutrality Court Decision could have Implications for Medical Billing Classes Online

neutrality has implications for online medical billing studyIf you’re not aware of the issues of net neutrality, and you’re a student of medical billing education through Allen School Online, you should take a moment to read up on it because the courts are making changes to the laws that govern the way the Internet works.  And while there may not be an immediate and present threat to your ability to study online, the potential for that to happen is being greatly increased.  Start by reading this short piece from on yesterday’s decision by a Federal appeals court to gut Net Neutrality regulations.For those who just want the gist of it, here it is.  Essentially, Net Neutrality meant that all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – you know them as Cablevision, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and others – were legally bound to treat all web content equally.  That is, until yesterday, the ISPs could not treat any website with preference over any other.  So what?Here’s an example. Let’s say your ISP is your local phone company or cable TV company. Let’s also say you decide to do away with your landline telephone service (or cable VoIP phone service) and instead use a web service like say Skype. Well, with Net Neutrality regulations removed, your ISP can now slow down (throttle) your connection to Skype, making it work poorly essentially forcing you back into using their service. Or let’s say to save money you decide to do away with Cable TV, “cutting the cord” and using Hulu and Netflix instead. Well, now, if your ISP is your cable company, they can throttle your connection to Hulu and Netflix so that the user experience is horrible. Then you’ll have to go back to them for TV and movies. The elimination of Net Neutrality essentially gives the telecoms all the power and eliminates your freedom of choice on the net.If you believe in a free and unfettered Internet (and if you’re an online medical billing and coding student you probably do) you should be aware of the changes taking place and make your voice heard.