Hidden Healthcare Landscapes Beneath a Medical Assistant’s Day-to-Day

intestineLearning to become a medical assistant includes a lot of information about basic anatomy, physiology and a host of other important facts.  What is covered in the medical assistant training course is certainly in-depth, but not perhaps as in-depth as the slide show linked here which shows what the amazing human body and its respective parts look like under strong magnification.  Most medical assistants will contribute efforts toward treating ailments affecting a wide variety of body parts, but few will ever see these “close-ups” on a regular basis.Whether we’re talking about neurons in the brain, tastebuds on the tongue, fingernails, small intestines, teeth, red blood cells, sweat, burnt skin, blood platelets, breast cancer cells or other items, most of what we see and experience regarding these items is dealt with in abstract terms.  Getting to see these images up close, under great magnification really exposes the wonder and mystery of the human body and the processes which govern health and wellness.  Have a look under the microscope and be prepared to be captivated anew at the marvels of science that inform the venerable and important field you’re about to enter.

Can You Describe an Instance Where You Screwed Up at School or Work?

Healthcare Field Job InterviewThis is the very type of loaded question interviewers are increasingly asking of candidates for job positions.  Ah, how quaint seem the days when they used to ask you about your 3 top strengths and weaknesses.  Listen, the job market is more competitive now than it has ever been.  Hiring managers are forced to sort though thousands of candidates before making the best choice and they are getting more pointed in the questions they’re asking.  They just don’t have the time to beat around the bush and with so many in line for the available jobs, they feel emboldened to ask more penetrating questions.  Questions like: “What bugs you about your co-workers or your current boss?”  or “If you’re currently employed, how do you have time to make this interview?”  They’re fishing for answers that shed light on how you’d be as an employee.  Forbes magazine put out a list of ten new and interesting interview questions used by hiring managers, what they’re really asking and how to best answer them.  Click here to read it before you head out to your next job interview.  You’ll be glad you did!

Best Job Markets in the US: Part Deux – NJ’s Monmouth-Ocean Counties

Today, let’s examine the career environment in the Monmouth and Ocean Counties of New Jersey. These two coastal counties just south of New York City are home to many of the famed New Jersey Shore communities. Offering summertime visitors and residents alike sun, surf and proximity to the cultural and economic powerhouse that is New York City, Monmouth and Ocean Counties also rank very high in terms of their career potentials for those seeking employment in healthcare related industries.Monmouth-Ocean is among the top 25 “medium sized” cities for jobs and business in the US and ranks 57th out of the top 100 largest metropolitan areas. The Department of Human Services has significant resources in this area and provides services in a number of relevant areas such as aging, mental health, addictions and others. No less than 3 of the top 10 source industries in Monmouth-Ocean are in healthcare related fields. And there are plenty of large organizations to support solid job growth in this field including:
  • Southern Ocean County Hospital
  • St. Barnabas Healthcare System
  • CentraState Healthcare System
  • Monmouth Medical Center
  • Bayshore Community Health Center
Besides strong opportunities for stable employment, this area also boasts great quality of life. Strong green community development initiatives and the spectacular natural beauty of famous shorepoints like Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island and Springsteen’s favorite, Asbury Park, make this coastal area a wonderful place to be during work hours and during play time too!As a young man, I spent many summers traveling to the New Jersey Shore. Etched into my memory are the sounds and smells of the beach boardwalk commingling salt air, coconut oil, sausage & pepper heroes, corn on the cob and salt water taffy. Add to these intoxicating aromas the delighted squeals of rollercoaster riding kids, the perpetual throb of the surf and the cries of maritime birds. The relaxing vibe of the sleepy coastal towns always helped tranquilize me and wash away the stresses of life. How great would it be to live and work in such a attractive and prosperous environment?For more detailed info on Monmouth-Ocean demographics and job data, visit: http://hubpages.com/hub/Monmouth-Ocean-NJ

Ransomware: At the Nexus of Medical Office Assistant Training and IT

An interesting story rests at the intersection of medical office assistant training and IT-centric activities like online medical billing.  According to news reports, MedStar, a health network of 10 Maryland hospitals, was  struck by a ransomware attack last week.  What’s ransomware?  If you’re soon to complete medical office assistant training or online medical billing classes, you’re on your way into career positions that require you to be knowledgeable almost as much about IT as medicine – ergo you MUST learn about ransomware so you can help keep it away from the computer systems in the offices where you’ll be employed.Ransomware is a type of virus that is delivered via an email.  Typically, the email has what looks like a legitimate purpose, with a seemingly innocent subject line.  Many victims report the email subject says “Invoice Inside – Please Remit”.  Inside the email is an attachment that looks like the invoice.  When the diligent medical office assistant opens the attached invoice to process it, the virus is inserted into the computer.  The virus immediately shuts the use out of the computer and will not allow the user re-entry until a ransom is paid to the hackers.This article from techie site ArsTechnica details the failure of MedStar IT personnel to properly guard against this form of cyberattack.   While MedStar was able to gain reentry to its entire network of infected computers without paying the hacker’s ransom, there was still a good deal of waste and headache caused by the event which idled the company’s workforce for a period of time while the issue was sorted out.  Obviously, this is something that any organization would rather avoid than figure out the hard way (like MedStar).It pays for people like you taking medical office assistant training to educate yourself on computer systems and IT considerations like this.  You needn’t be a geeky propeller-head or a serious computer nerd.  But knowing about tricky virus scams like this – and how they’re communicated – can really be a lifesaver (no pun intended) when your office is confronted with attacks like this.  Be aware of emails with attachments from senders you’re not familiar with.  Don’t be afraid to show anything suspicious to IT team workers if you think there’s a chance it is a scam.  The life you save may be your computer’s.

New Healthcare Law Requires Chain Restaurants to Post Calorie Counts

Healthcare Law Requires Fast Food Calorie ListingAccording to a report by the Associated Press:WASHINGTON – A requirement tucked into the massive U.S health care bill will make calorie counts impossible for thousands of restaurants to hide and difficult for consumers to ignore. More than 200,000 fast food and other chain restaurants will have to include calorie counts on menus, menu boards and even drive-throughs.  Read the whole article here.It may be a bit onerous for these restaurants to have to do this, but if you’ve ever seen those popular “Eat This, Not That” books and website, you know that often, seemingly “healthy” menu items can be worse than things that have a reputation for being “bad for you”.   In this blogger’s opinion, this step is a positive one because it will help American’s make more informed choices about what they eat.  Dietary choices are behind so many of the leading illnesses in our society from obesity to cancer.  The more info we have as a society, the better off we will be as we choose what to eat.

Good News for Nursing Assistants, Medical Assistants and Medical Billing Specialists

In today’s troubled world, we all too frequently consume heaping doses of bad news.  From wars around the globe, to school shootings to outbreaks of deadly diseases, the daily papers and TV news reports are filled with tales of woe and suffering.  As people working as medical nursing assistants or performing medical assistant duties in emergency rooms and doctors’ offices, the career you’re training for at the Allen School is frequently on the front lines of these terrible events as you help tend to the ill and injured.  So it is important from a temperamental standpoint that you also seek out sources of life affirming, positive news from around the world.  Things that help you to remember the good that exists in humanity.   This is why I recommend visiting what appears to be a fairly new addition to the many sections over at the HuffingtonPost.  The section is not entitled, “News”.  Rather, it bears the positive title, “Good News” and hosts nothing but happy stories to bring a smile to your face and a warm glow to your heart.  Check it out here and then you’ll always know where to drop by if you need a quick emotional pick me up.

Medical Assistant Training Better Odds Than $1.3bb Powerball Jackpot

Powerball fever has reached an, um, fever pitch, with no winner in last Saturday’s drawing.  This pushes the jackpot to a record $1.3 billion pool.  And while we’re all engaging in a bit of fanciful dreaming about how our lives would be if we were the lucky winner, the truth is less sexy and alluring.   The truth is, if you’re seeking a pathway to more money, greater financial autonomy, a wider array of employment opportunity, a better quality of life for your family and all the things that come with a higher income, the odds favor those who complete medical assistant training with the Allen School.With the powerball, you have a 1 in 292 million chance of winning.  Compare that to the roughly 1 in 900,000 chance you’ll be struck by lightning in 2016 and you can see just how improbable a Powerball win truly is.   On the other hand, there is a much greater chance that, with a degree earned via medical assistant training with the Allen School, you’ll be able to land a good paying job in a growing field.It may be fun to buy a ticket or two (buying 100 tickets does nothing to significantly increase your odds of winning) and then spend some time fantasizing about winters in Bali, summers in the Alps, etc.  But if you want a sure thing, embark on an exciting new career today as a medical office assistant.  It’s as close to a sure thing as you’ll find out there.

Nursing Assistant Training: Not Too Late to Achieve Career Greatness

Making significant achievements is not an activity strictly reserved for the young.  You may have worked for a decade or more in a field you find unrewarding and unprofitable.  But just because you’re no longer college aged and fresh faced, that you cannot turn over a new leaf and engage in some nursing assistant training to land a job in a field you will find rewarding both emotionally and financially.  Nursing assistant training can be taken by the young and the old alike and both age groups will find plenty of work available to them when they complete their studies.

Don’t believe that you can begin something like nursing assistant training at a later point in your life?  Think achievement is only for the youngsters?  Consider seasoned NY Mets baseball player Bartolo Colon.   Colon is set to turn 43 on May 24 and had never hit a home run during his long career in Major League Baseball.  Yet, this past weekend, Colon drilled one against Padres right-hander James Shields, blasting a two-run homer into the left field seats at Petco Park in San Diego.  In so doing, Colon became the oldest player in MLB history to hit his first career homer.

What are you waiting for?  If you’re sitting on the bench worrying that you’re too old to make a huge event occur in your life, think about Bartolo Colon and step boldly to the plate to take your swing.  Allen School is here to help you knock it out of the park!

New Beginnings and Taking the Leap into a Healthcare Career Path

A career in healthcare offers many benefits beyond achieving the job of your dreams. Many different roles in a healthcare setting allow you to help others, caring for their physical and emotional needs, and making a difference in people’s lives. From newborns to senior citizens, you can choose a specialty and begin helping people to be healthier and ultimately happier. The year 2016 offers a wealth of new opportunities to chase your dreams by taking a leap into a new and exciting career path.

Benefits of a Career Path in Healthcare

online health sciences program in New YorkAt The Allen School of Health Sciences, we understand how disappointing it can be when you haven’t yet made it to your ideal career path. Like anything worth having, it can take time to land your ideal career. Our programs for nursing assistant, medical assistant, and medical coding and billing career paths are designed to put you on the fast track to your new and exciting career in the healthcare field. We have assisted many students in broadening their horizons and earning jobs in various health related fields like medical assistants, nursing assistants, and medical insurance billing and coding professionals.A career in healthcare offers many benefits, beginning even as early on as during your education. Some key benefits include:
  • Excellent compensation packages – You will enjoy a handsome salary with some of the best benefits around.
  • It’s great to feel needed – As a medical professional, your skills and talents will allow you to comfort patients and make their days better. This is a reward beyond what money can buy.
  • Healthcare jobs are in demand – You may find an easier time cracking into the healthcare field than many other fields that are currently inundated with applicants.
  • Exceptional cross-training and growth opportunities – Working in the medical field, especially as you first begin the process, will allow you to branch out and find many specialties that fit your talents and interests as well as your experience.

Fast Track to New Opportunities

training for medical billing and coding Phoenix AZThe Allen School makes it easy to enroll in one of the greatest adventures of your life. Our expert faculty eagerly awaits the opportunity to help put your new career path in motion with years of real-world experience in the medical field. We offer three accredited medical programs with thorough training designed to get you into the job you want without delay.Now is the time to make a decision that can affect your happiness and job security for the rest of your life. Choose to enroll in one of The Allen School’s programs to begin a career in the healthcare field. Get in touch with us to start working toward your dream healthcare job today.

Summer’s Last Hurrah! Time to Study for Nursing Assistant Certification

Yes people, Labor Day is almost here and with it, the end of another summer.  At the grocer just yesterday I noted that the big pile of watermelons was quickly dwindling and I lamented that soon, there would be no more watermelon for sale (except in small quantities, shipped in from Mexico and at an insane premium).  So I bought the biggest one I could find and intend to enjoy its sweet juiciness but a few more times before the onslaught of the Fall.With Fall fast approaching and “back to school” on everyone’s mind, now might be a good time to consider taking classes with the Allen School to earn your nursing assistant certification and enter a fantastic new career in the medical industry.  You can ponder the possibilities over a juicy piece of the last of summer’s watermelon, prepared as shown above.