275 Hours of Internship at the Allen School of Health Sciences, Will be Beneficial to a Medical Assistant Student

An internship consisting of 275 hours at the Allen School of Health Sciences can provide numerous benefits to a medical assistant student. Here are some reasons why this internship experience is valuable:

1. Hands-On Experience: The internship allows students to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world healthcare settings. This hands-on experience helps students develop practical skills and confidence in performing clinical and administrative tasks.

2. Professional Development: The internship provides an opportunity for students to observe and learn from healthcare professionals in action. Students can gain insights into the day-to-day responsibilities of medical assistants, communication with patients and colleagues, and professionalism in healthcare settings.

3. Networking Opportunities: During the internship, students have the chance to network with healthcare professionals, supervisors, and potential employers. Building connections in the healthcare industry can be beneficial for future job opportunities and career advancement.

4. Skill Refinement: The internship allows students to refine and enhance their clinical skills, such as taking vital signs, assisting with medical procedures, and conducting patient assessments. It also helps students improve their communication skills, time management, and teamwork abilities.

5. Resume Building: Completing a 275-hour internship at the Allen School of Health Sciences adds practical experience to a student’s resume, making them more competitive in the job market. Employers value hands-on experience and internships when hiring medical assistants.

6. Confidence Boost: Through the internship experience, students gain confidence in their abilities and readiness to enter the workforce as a competent medical assistant. The practical exposure and feedback received during the internship can boost self-assurance and preparedness for a career in healthcare.

7. Industry Exposure: The internship exposes students to different healthcare settings, patient populations, and medical procedures. This exposure broadens students’ understanding of the healthcare industry and helps them make informed decisions about their career path within the field of medical assisting.

Overall, a 275-hour internship at the Allen School of Health Sciences is beneficial to a medical assistant student as it provides valuable hands-on experience, professional development opportunities, networking connections, skill refinement, resume building, confidence building, and industry exposure. It enhances the students’ education and prepares them for a successful career as a medical assistant. Want to learn more about a medical assistant internship? Have questions about a career in the medical field? Let the Allen School of Health Sciences guide you to a new career in the medical field. Contact us today! www.allenschool.edu

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