3 Reasons to Send Follow Up Emails After Medical Billing Job Interviews

post medical billing job interview letterChris Carlson, President of Sales Talent, Inc. says, “I find it remarkable how little effort many candidates put into a career search.  In my view, if it’s worth the time it takes to prepare for, drive to and interview with a potential employer, it’s worth spending a little extra time to get the details right.”  If you’re trying to land that first (or tenth) medical billing job, it is imperative that you send follow up letters or emails to your interviewers wherever you may have sat for an interview, in person or on the phone. 1)  Differentiation – The job market is and will always be a competitive environment.  There are almost always more applicants than jobs available.  As such, if the hiring decision comes down to a choice between you and another equally qualified medical billing job seeker, give the hiring manager a reason to select you.  A simple, sincere letter of thanks post-interview could be just the differentiation you need to beat the competition. 2)  Articulate Your Interest – Writing a nice follow up letter does double duty.  Clearly it demonstrates that you’re actively interested in the role available.  But it also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you can form cogent thoughts on paper and articulate yourself which is a benefit in any candidate.  If writing isn’t your bag, get someone with better writing skills to help you (or at least to proof your writing). 3)  Demonstrate Follow-Through – Being an employee who is able to complete tasks all the way from inception through satisfactory or even exemplary conclusion makes you a valuable commodity.  The act of sending a follow up message demonstrates that you don’t quit at the earliest convenient stopping point.  It shows that you’re the kind of person who will see tasks through to their full conclusion; that you’re thorough and thoughtful.  For why this matters, see Reason #1.

Carlson offers the following tips on how to craft a winning letter.

  • As classy as a handwritten “Thank You” note is, timing is key.  Always send an email within 24 hours of an interview.  A best practice would be to send the email around 5pm that same day that you interviewed.  This will put your message in front of the hiring manager(s) while they are stilling grappling with who will make the cut. 
  • Address concerns or opportunities that were uncovered in the interview.
  • Send a “Thank you” email to each person that you interviewed with (yes, get a business card from each person you meet so you’ll have their email).  Send them a message via Linkedin if they didn’t give you their business card.
  • Keep your message short, professional and to the point.

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