Adblock Browser a Good Option for Medical Coding Online Students

AdBlockPlus for better medical coding online studyIf you spend a good deal of time on the internet for work or as a student taking medical coding online classes, then you’re certainly no stranger to those annoying and sometimes idiotic pop up ads and videos that seem to launch at exactly the wrong moment.  You’re just about to articulate a critical thought for a term paper you’re writing when up pops an advertisement for chewing gum.  You know what I mean I’m sure. You probably are also aware of browser extensions such as ABP or AdBlock Plus which you can install on your Firefox browser to head the popups off before they can launch.  It is a tool that many net users are particularly fond of.  Well, today it was announced that AdBlock Plus has released its own ad-blocking browser built atop the Firefox browser you love so well.  Even better, they’re giving it away for free while it is still in beta (testing) to anyone who wishes to try it on for size. Here is a link to the article about the new AdBlocker browser and how to get your free download.  Say goodbye to all those tedious interruptions while you’re studying medical coding online with the Allen School and say hello to improved focus and productivity!  The time you save will be your own!

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