Advantages of joining the Healthcare profession

 Advantages of Joining the Healthcare Profession

Have you considered medical assisting as a profession? If so, it’s good to get your facts straight. Here at Allen School, our accelerated training program provides a foundation of knowledge and skill that can help position you for a satisfying career as a healthcare professional. Here are some basic facts about medical assistants to help you

The option to choose a specialty Medical assisting offers a lot of options. In this job you can work with many different kinds of doctors and medical practices. Are you interested in pediatrics? Podiatry? Ophthalmology? Depending on what practices are in your area, there may be various job opportunities for you to specialize.

A leadership role As a medical assistant, you have a lot of control over what happens in a doctor’s office—from the time the patient leaves the waiting room until they see the doctor. You are the key connection between the receptionist in the front office and the nurses and doctors, and play a vital role in communicating and transferring patients efficiently. If you work in a small office, you may even handle many of the front office duties as well, including scheduling patient appointments.

You can make changes during your career Everyone who attends the Allen School of Health Sciences will have an externship in different kinds of healthcare environments, but you can choose your path to choose something different later on. You can choose an office that is larger or smaller, or that focuses on a different specialty. In the future you may decide to pursue work as a nurse or a physician assistant. Even if you decide to stay at the same practice for many years, you could pursue other positions, such as an office manager. This training can open doors to a range of choices down the road.

Physicians can train you for specific duties. Since medical assistants work directly under medical doctors, once you work at a practice, the doctor can teach you to perform any number of duties.  For example, you might do more than prepare patients and take their vital signs. A doctor could also teach you to handle additional duties, even ones you may not have trained in at school.

Always something new to learn Even if you stay in one position for a long period of time, there are always new things to learn in the changing world of healthcare! So, you won’t get bored if you’re focused on learning and adapting to new information, technology, and other innovations that will be coming your way all the time.

You can find meaning at work Helping people is a big part of this profession, and if you have a compassionate, nurturing nature, then you’re likely to find satisfaction in work that can help to make people’s lives better.

Ready to start working towards a career you can love? Contact the Allen School today! We are enrolling now for our spring classes and cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit to learn more.

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