Allen School Graduate spotlight

My name is Deirdre and I am a former student of the Allen School, Jamaica campus. It was a blessing for me to have been able to attend Allen and finish the program. During my attendance I met two of the most remarkable people, Mrs. Emmanuella Young and Ms. Tamara Jackson- from the Career Services department.

While attending the Allen School I experienced some very trying and challenging times, some of which were extremely personal, but I got through them. Mrs. Young and Ms. Jackson encouraged and helped me in every way that they could. Through long talks, tears, pats on my shoulder, cheering me on; through strict but loving and caring stares followed by words such as,” you will not give up”, “you will finish”, and “you can do this”. I felt the genuine love and care of them and saw they are truly dedicated to helping the students at the Allen School achieve their goals; not just pertaining to the experience at the Allen School but far beyond that.

I am grateful that I meet these two exceptional human beings on this journey called life. They have made a beautiful, unforgettable and blessed impression upon my life.

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