Allen School of Health Sciences: Tips for Medical Assistants Online Learning 101

Allen School of Health Sciences: Tips for Medical Assistants Online Learning 101: 

Check if your systems are working. 

  • Is your Go-To, Zoom, Skype, and Blackboard apps loading well? – Is your Audio System Working?
  • It’s important to hear your instructor and classmates talk so that they can hear you clearly as well.

Stick to The Allotted Time. 

  • Be mindful of everyone’s schedules. Preparing an agenda easily fulfills this objective.

Give Your Full Attention. 

  • Be present throughout the class. Try not to visit other websites or chat with your classmates while the class is in session.
  • Stay seated and give your full attention to the class and your instructor conducting the meeting.

Mute Your Microphone When It’s Not Your Turn to Talk. 

  • Any unwanted background noise can reduce the success of the online classroom experience. Open your mic only when you have to say something or when it’s your turn to speak.

Announce Your Arrival. 

  • If you’re late to your online class, announce your arrival. After all, it’s something you would do when you entered an actual classroom. This is also important if you are joining a new class and no one knows you,

Manage the Chaos. 

  • Find yourself a quiet spot at home to attend your online classes.
  • Turn off the volume of your TV or sound system.
  • So, you can focus. – Close the door to avoid unwanted guests from arriving in the background. Parents, you know what we mean 😊. It may distract you and your classmates.

FUN TIP: Take advantage of virtual backgrounds if your meeting app supports it. You can turn a messy space into a clean and professional one. Or have a background right out of Star Wars!!!

Wrap up Your Class. 

  • A list of notes and clear action items is the best way to summarize your productive classroom experience. Most classes are recorded. Make notes on the areas you need to review and go back to them later. Ensure you have all the contact information for both instructors and classmates.

Going from face-to-face classroom interaction to online classes can be a big adjustment for you. A supportive environment is key. That’s where the Allen School of Health Sciences comes in. Helping Medical Assistant students transition to a new way of learning.

In order to protect our community during the COVID-19 crisis, The Allen School of Health Sciences is offering virtual campus tours for enrollment in our April 27th class. Contact the Allen School today! We cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit to learn more.

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